Varmint hunting in South Africa can expose you to a lot of shooting at very low cost.

Varmint Hunting in South Africa

Experience South Africa's "Night Life" with an exciting night-time varmint hunt. When the sun goes downThese cats make a wonderful mount! and the moon comes up, take a trek and see many animals that are rarely seen by the light of day.

Caracal cats (african lynx), serval cats, black-backed jackals, long-quilled porcupines, and springhares offer night-time shooting opportunities as well as interesting mounts and rugs back at home. You didn't really want to waste one minute of your South African experience by sleeping, did you?

Practice your long-range shooting with day-time varmint hunting for species like rock hyrax, ground squirrel and suricate (meercat) as well as pied crows.

Packs of Jackals can raise havoc on farmer's herds. Not only will you find the shooting challenging, you will be helping the local farmers as well. Many of these animals are considered Agricultural Pests and the larger predators are a danger to the sheep flocks.

Fun hunting and helping out the farmers at the same time! How great is that?

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