Once you have confirmed your safari booking, preparation for the hunt should start.

Travel, health, hunting tools and accessories and packing needs attention.

The information provided in these pages is given on the assumption that you have already decided on a hunting outfitter and have a remuneration agreement signed to make a firm booking. You now want to know how to prepare yourself for the planned safari.

You will have at some place and at some time described in the remuneration agreement a fixed "start of the safari" as well as and "end of the safari". Everything between the start and end should be described in the remuneration agreement, but everything before and after is your responsibility.

As a hunter the choice of hunting tool, i.e. rifle, bow, muzzleloader, handgun or whatever as well as accessories like knives, binoculars and other to take along may be foremost in your mind. These are important, as is deciding what clothes and personal items to take along, but the first task to tackle is to finalize your travel arrangements.

Know that once you have bought your flight ticket there is usually some cost involved in making any changes. So before you buy, give a last thought to possibly taking a short tour or vacation before or after your booked hunt. Contact your travel agent and remember that if you book your flight, and buy the ticket, well in advance you may get the best deal.

If you decide to take your own firearm you must get a US Customs 4457 for your rifle, and other new-looking valuable items. This is not required to get into South Africa, but to get back into the USA without hassles. The 4457 for your rifle is regarded by the South African Police as proof of ownership of the rifle, and although theoretically any other proof of ownership will do also, why not simply get a 4457 which is definitely accepted as a documentary proof of ownership?.

Many hunting outfitters advise that a visit to your doctor is required. If you are basically in good health, or well aware of any poor or adverse health condition, there should be no reason to have a special physical examination just because you are going on a hunting safari. As a guest of Andrew McLaren Safaris you will be well looked after and you will not be physically taxed beyond what you can readily endure. If you are at all likely to go to a malaria danger area we will warn you of the fact so that you can take precautions.
Getting basically fit, or fitter, is always good advice.