What do you know about Zebra?



Burchell's Zebra        Equus burchelli        Vlaktesebra

 Burchell's Zebra are a very well known part of the African animal kingdom, with most people recognizing the striped coat instantly. They are gregarious animals and live in family groups that often come together to form larger groups. The males of the group are kicked out whenZebra are tough to down and difficult to see at times.  Their stripes make a great camo. they reach maturity and go one to form bachelor herds. Burchell's Zebra are exclusively grass eaters and often invade burnt areas to take advantage of the new shoots which are highly nutritious. They are very restless animals and are often the first animals in a mixed group to notice when something is amiss. They have very good eyesight and sense of smell.

Weighing up to 550 pounds and standing 55 inches at the shoulder, zebra are commonly found in the company of blue wildebeest.

Recommended Calibers:

Having been on the bottom of the food chain for eons, zebras are very tough customers.  7mm Mag, 30-06 or larger calibers should be considered when hunting.  They can be difficult to put down and don't take them lightly.

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