What do you know about Waterbuck?



Common Waterbuck        Kobus ellipsiprymnus        Waterbok

This Waterbuck is not such a common fellow at all.  On the contrary, he is an outstanding trophy.

Weighing more than 450 pounds, standing some 4 1/2 feet at the shoulder and sometimes exceeding seven feet in length, with 30 inches (good) of horn, one can only agree, it is an impressive trophy.

Cows don't have horns, but both sexes possess the renowned and tell-tale white circle-like bands on their rumps.  Hence, the popular Afrikaans name, "Kringgat", meaning "Ringed Butt."

It is otherwise generally darkish gray in color, with lighter flanks and underside.

Currently, good trophies are being taken in South Africa and it should remain thus for a long time to come.

Shooting distance seldom exceeds 150 yards.

 Recommended Calibers:

.270 Winchester class calibers will work, but a .300 Win. Mag. is preferred.

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Rowland Ward - 28  S.C.I. - 70

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