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Warthog            Phacochoerus aethiopicus


The Warthog is the most common wild pig seen in Africa.   With adults weighing 150 to 220 pounds, these tough guys are relatively short, standing usually less than 27 inches at the shoulder.  However, they are a big trophy.  Males are easily distinguished from females by the wart-like protuberances on their face.  Males have two sets, the females only one.A good looking ? male warthog.

They prefer open bushveld and live in family groups of up to ten individuals. They are not territorial but do have home ranges that they defend. Warthog feed and forage during the day feeding on roots, tubers, grass, fruits and they have been known to eat carrion. At night they sleep in old ant bear or porcupine burrows which they modify to their purposes, sometimes forming large networks underground. When the holes are used as escape routes from danger, the piglets run in head first and the adults execute a rapid about face just before they enter the hole, then they are in a very good position to defend themselves. Should you ever stand in front of one of these hole when a Warthog decides to come out, they can inflict serious harm to you.


Recommended Calibers:

A lot of gun isn't needed for this animal, with many farmers taking them with .22 centerfire rifles.  But a solid or deep penetrating bullet will minimize damage to the hide.

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Rowland Ward - 13  S.C.I. - 30

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