What do you know about Steenbok?



(Raphicerus campestris)

Steenbok are one the more adaptable antelope in Africa, together with the Grey Duiker they are often the last species to leave an area.It's easy to overlook a steenbok in the brush.  Think SMALL!

Considered one of the "Tiny Five", steenbok are one of the smallest trophies you'll encounter.  Standing roughly 20 inches at the shoulder, weighing in at under 25 pounds, getting the animal back to the truck is rarely a problem.  Only the males have horns and if you see one with over 4 inch horns, it's a good one.

When chased by dogs, Steenbok take refuge in used antbear holes, although they generally rely on their speed to take them away from danger. Steenbok will drink when water is available, but do not require it, gaining all the moisture that they need from their food. They are most active in the morning and in the evening, lying up during the day in bush or long grass.

Recommended Calibers:

Obviously, a lot of gun isn't needed for this animal, with many farmers taking them with .22 rimfires.  But a solid or deep penetrating bullet will minimize damage to the hide.

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Rowland Ward - 4 1/2  S.C.I. - 11

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