What do you know about Red Hartebeest?


Cape Hartebeest

Alcelaphus caama

The Cape Hartebeest, also known as the Red Hartebeest, is an interesting trophy and very worthwhile taking.

Both sexes carry horns with the bulls' being characteristically heavier, as is the body.  Males are darker in color as well.A good hartebeest.

Standing about 4 feet at the shoulder, weighing over 350 pounds, and more than 7 1/2 feet in length, they're not that small.

They have a keen sense of hearing and their eyesight is excellent.  They can stand and watch you for some length of time, then suddenly take off at their customary trot.  However, when called for, they can put on quite a turn of speed, which they can maintain for a considerable time.  The early hunters soon found out that their horses were not even in the same race.

The Cape Hartebeest is one of the animals that formed the legendary large herds of South Africa, sometimes filling the plains as far as the eye could see.  Their numbers are increasing steadily and good trophies are more the rule than the exception.

Shooting distance is seldom under 100 yards.

Recommended Calibers:

.270 Winchester class calibers, or any other flat shooting whitetail rifle.

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Rowland Ward - 21  S.C.I. - 62


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