What do you know about Impala?



Impala        Aepyceros melampus melampus        Rooibok

It is always a pleasure to see herds of these beautiful and graceful antelope, especially during the winter, when herds join forces and you can observe a "sea" of them.

Well-proportioned, they stand about three feet at the shoulder, weigh 140 pounds and more,An impala ram in typical bushveldt terrain. with a length of five feet or so.  They are graceful, agile and if disturbed, take off in a series of effortless leaps.  They are the long jump champions of the African bush and a single fantastic leap of 35 feet has been recorded!

Only the rams have horns, and 20 inches is regarded as worthwhile, whereas 22 inches and up is regarded as very good.  Taking two rams and having shoulder mounts done, looking slightly inwards towards each other is very attractive indeed.

Impala are prolific breeders and invariably, more animals have to be culled than paying hunters can control.  This is sad but true.

Impala are reasonably adaptable and can be found over a wide area.  However, being browsers in the main, they have a preference for bushier areas.

Shooting distance varies from 30 to 200 yards.

Recommended Calibers:

.270 Winchester class calibers, or any other whitetail cartridge appropriate for the terrain hunted.

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Rowland Ward - 23 5/8  S.C.I. - 54

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