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Blue Wildebeest        Connochaetes taurinus              Blouwildebees                                    

A very common game animal in South Africa. The Blue Wildebeest is the epitome of what “plains

game” is.  These animals are notoriously tough and can absorb more foot pounds of bullet energy,

loose more blood, carry more lead that the average hunter would ever dream of being possible.


As with any animal good bullet placement is important, but with the blue wildebeest it is absolutely

essential as poor shot placement with the biggest magnum will likely still result in a lost animal.

So well known from many TV shows that hardly any description is required. 


Blue wildebeest is worldEveryone knows this fellow. renowned for photography of the

annual Serengeti migration. Adult bulls weigh up to 550 pounds and cows around 400 pounds. Both sexes have horns, with those of the females generally thinner and smaller.


An animal of the open plains, and savannah, but is water dependent.

Wildebeest are grazers and prefer short grass. Only a very small and insignificant amount of browse will be taken if short grass is available. They will seldom eat grass that is higher than about 6 inches.

Blue wildebeest are strictly herd animals. When not migrating a typical herd may consist of about ten to thirty females with their youngest calves. There are three types

blue wildebeest associations: territorial bulls, bachelor herds and cow herds.



Recommended Calibers:


A minimum of .270 with deep penetrating premium bullets.  .30 caliber rifles will perform better.


Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Roland Ward Minimum - 28 1/2    S.C.I. Minimum - 70

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