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Black Wildebeest        Connochaetes gnou    Swartwildebees



Also known as the White Tailed Gnu, this species is unique to South Africa. 

The similarity betweenA good black wildebeest thundering across the low veldt. them and the more common Blue Wildebeest (Brindled Gnu) ends with the name.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Owing to their crazy antics, they are affectionately known as "the old fools of the veld."  They stand about 4 feet at the shoulder, weigh approximately 400 pounds and are 7 feet or so in length.


Both sexes carry horns and it is extremely difficult, even for the trained eye to differentiate between them.


They are capable of absorbing a fair amount of foot pounds of energy, and have been known to be aggressive.


Approach to a downed animal must be made with caution.


Being short grassland grazers, and preferring open plains, approach is difficult.


Shooting distance is usually more than 150 yards.



Recommended Calibers:


A minimum of .270 with deep penetrating premium bullets, but a .300 Winchester Magnum is preferred. 

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Roland Ward Minimum - 22 7/8    S.C.I. Minimum - 72

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