Photo Safaris in South Africa

Not everyone that comes to South Africa wants to hunt all the time. Andrew McLaren Safaris recognizes that and can arrange expeditions for those that hunt with a still or video camera.

With the extensive park systems in South Africa, camera safaris can be both exciting and a way to make great memories of YOUR South African adventure. Special trips can be arranged to tour:

Pilansberg National Park
Kruger National Park
Kalahari Transfrontier Park
Khutse Game Reserve

Photograph and videotape a pride of lions sleeping off a recent meal, a majestic giraffe as it browses the treetops. Capture the sheer magnitude of a herd of wildebeest, the grace of a kudu or the bounding of the springbok (you'll soon realize how they got their name).

But beautiful animals and breathtaking scenery isn't all that South Africa has to offer to the non-hunting member of your party. South Africa has numerous cultural and historic locations that can be toured. Andrew McLaren Safaris can custom design YOUR trip to please all members of the group. Come and take a tour of these locations as well:

The Wine Route
The Garden Route
Natal South Coast
Natal North Coast