Lodging in South Africa

Now, don't think that because you're on safari that you'll be sleeping on the ground, eating cold beans and hotdogs. Well, not unless you really want to! If that's the case, we can certainly accommodate that wish, but why?

Andrew McLaren Safaris prides itself in that we can offer a quality hunting experience and comfortable accommodations. While the lodging might not exactly be like staying at the Waldorf-Astoria, you will find that every place you stay will be clean, dry and comfortable. We realize that you cannot hunt successfully if you are not well-rested.

You might find yourself in a squaredavel or a remote farmhouse. Where ever you stay, it's most likely that you'll have electricity, hot/cold running water and sanitary facilities.

The farmhouse at Ribbokrant. Meals too are something that is not to be skimped on. While it is said that "A hungry hunter hunts harder," Andrew doesn't believe in that theory. He feels that to hunt hard and effectively means that a hunter must have a well balanced and nutritious meal. Some of these hunts will be physically demanding and without proper nutrition, even if the desire is there, low energy levels will not allow you to be successful.One thing is certain, you won't starve while on safari with Andrew.

Local dishes will be served to give you a "taste" of Africa, and much of the game harvested will be utilized while on safari. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we will plan accordingly.

Depending on the concession area to hunt, we might even set up a tent camp in the Hemmingway tradition. Rest assured that even then, we will keep you as comfortable as possible.