What does it cost to hunt with AMS?

Less than a similar hunt would cost with most other HO's! Here at AMS we take pride in the fact that we claim to offer unsurpassable value for money spent on any safari.

Andrew McLaren Safaris arrange many custom safaris to a diverse selection of hunting concessions where trophy fees vary widely. Short of by publishing a price list for each concession area we can simply NOT give a single price list without overcharging for hunting at some concessions. You do however need a price list while planning your hunt, and for this I publish the MAXIMUM prices likely to ever be charged by AMS. Although the hunt you have with Andrew McLaren Safaris will be of far above average in quality and enjoyment, mostly as a result of and through thorough prior planning, I can often beat many of these maximum prices in the actual binding Remuneration Agreement. So for the initial planning and with some margin of error you can use the prices as a guide.

Once you have made a definite enquiry, I will plan your hunt and then quote you prices that will apply for that particular hunt.

My prices are always negotiable!

Note that these prices are quoted in ZAR and do not take cognizance of the current exchange rate. These cost should therefore only be used as a first approach very rough guide to what to expect. In response to your specific enquiry Andrew McLaren Safaris will quote you for a custom safari in South African Rand, the amount which you can enter in a currency converter to get a feel of the cost at the exchange rate that applies on the day you do the conversion.

The price list published below is the Andrew McLaren Safaris 2009 Price List.  It is only intended as a rough guideline to provide the probable maximum order of magnitude for cost items. Long before you go hunting the actual costs for each species will be fixed and included in the Remenuration Agreement. 

Note that on a custom arranged safari lower, and even significantly lower, pricing may apply.  Please ask for a quote before you start disregarding AMS as "to pricey!"

These prices can be used as a guide to what you can expect to pay for the services. Note that Andrew McLaren Safaris quote all prices in South African Rand, and due to exchange rate fluctuations the actual  US $ and cost in other currencies may vary. 

Service or Species  Price in South African Rand
Record Book Class Only Trophy Plains Game Hunting 1x1 Per day R 5 000
Plains Game Trophy Hunting 1x1 Per Day R 3 000
Plains Game Trophy Hunting 2x1 Per Day R 2 500
Non-Hunting Observer Per Day R 2 000
Blesbok R 2 500
Eland R 15 000
Gemsbok R 9 500
Hartbeest Red R 8 000
Impala R 3 500
Kudu R 7 500 to R 30 000
Mountain Reedbuck R 6 000
Springbok R 2 500
Steenbok R 2 500
Warthog R 2 500
Waterbuck R 20 000
Wildebeest Black R 7 500
Wildebeest Blue R 7 500
Zebra Burchell's R 9 000

NOTE:    The list of species for which guideline prices are given is not complete. The rarer and less commonly hunted species, like elephant, buffalo, roan, tsessebe and sable are not listed. AMS can however offer just about all the species normally hunted in South Africa, and fixed quoted prices will be provided for any serious enquiry.