Where am I likely to hunt with AMS?

As a HO that does mostly custom safaris you may be taken to any one or more of a vast number of hunting concessions. I currently hold HO licenses in three provinces, Limpopo, Free State and Eastern Cape. I also have an agreement with Hlangabenza Safaris in Zimbabwe in terms of which I can offer Elephant, Buffalo and other big game hunting at the Devils Gorge Concession on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Hunting Concession Areas

There are a whole variety of names used to refer to the areas where people can hunt:

Hunting ranches, hunting farms, game farms, hunting concessions, private nature conservation areas, and many others. From my own perspective I like to refer to these areas as hunting concession areas. The rationale is that I need to get the written consent from the actual land owner in each instance before I can offer the hunting opportunity to foreign hunters.

Hunting concession areas can be grouped into categories by various criteria. There are some areas in which the State has a share - like the Atherstone Reserve in the Limpopo province. Some hunting concessions are properly registered Private Nature Reserves, others have game proof high fencing and hold certificates of "exemption" . Some concessions, despite high and game proof fencing do not have such exemption, and can be regarded as very similar to the normal stock ranches on which game also occur in numbers.

The most important "work" that a hunting outfitter has to do is visit, evaluate and choose and then negotiate prices for concession areas. A general description of some concession areas can be read in the file Old_Concessions. You can read about some of the newer concessions in Newsletter No. 7 or in Limpopo_Maps.

The SA Game Farmers Association is clustering the efforts of members to promote common interests. Visit their web site under "Links & References" for a comprehensive list of ranches. A handy search system facilitates the potential hunter with a buffet of choices.