Business Terms

How do we conduct our business at AMS?

Honestly and in fairness with the return of the client for another safari with AMS as our main aim. This single aim takes care of all the other aspects: Yes, we do want you to enjoy your stay! Yes, we do want you to hunt ethically for good trophies.

The terms of business in the South African safari hunting industry has become very standardized, in that "everybody" plays to the same rules.

Andrew McLaren Safaris accept and also work to these unwritten "standard" ToB's regarding confirming a booking, cancellation clauses, when to pay the daily rates and for trophy animals.

The only aspect in which Andrew McLaren Safaris is quite different form the majority is in the I insist on giving my clients a deal at very good value for money spent for the safari.

Every single hunting safari that I arrange is in effect a custom safari, and for each permutation that of choices that a prospective client comes up with I will quote a firm price.