Who is Andrew McLaren and what does Andrew McLaren Safaris do?

The business Andrew McLaren Safaris (AMS) is owned and operated by Andrew McLaren. It was founded in 1982, and since then run by myself. This means that I take all the responsibility for everything. The "buck stops with me." But I do not run it alone.

I have a number of friends, all hunting buddies from a long time, who assist me with some tasks. In particular some of my former clients, who are now good friends, help me by acting as local contacts in their own countries. Here I want to particularly mention and publicly thank Dave Mansfield from Baker LA and Walter Harrison from Natchez MS for their unselfish efforts to help me get started. Steve Huber from Rhinelander WI also deserve a special word of thanks for his more recent assistance.

If all the responsibility lies with one man, you will want to know more about him. One of the questions frequently asked by visiting hunters is:

"Andrew, please tell me something about yourself?"

I have been an avid hunter since air gun days back in the early 1950ís andFreda and Andrew with a beautiful gemsbok. graduated to shoot my first springbuck in 1958. Ever since then hunting has been an almost all consuming passion.

I qualified as a hunting outfitter and professional hunter in 1982, while at that time being full-time employed as a water treatment scientist. Vacation time gave me the chance to guide foreign hunters. Because my time was limited, I carefully selected the small number of clients that I chose to guide each year.

Retrenchment in 1998 opened new opportunities and I established my own consulting business. While I was successful, I found it interfered with time available for hunting! So in 2003 I opted to concentrate on hunting outfitting and professional hunting full time.

I still carefully select my clients and limit myself to guiding only those who want to hunt ethically and in the spirit of "fair chase". The fact that I offer such good value for money tends to attract the type of client that I really get on well with.