Admit it! You've always wanted to hunt in Africa, haven't you?

What are your dreams made of?

You let your mind drift with the unhurried smoke of the campfire as you watch the suns last rays slowly stirring the dark silhouette of an ancient Baobab tree.

A lion's coughing call to proclaim that this is his area breaks the silence. You sigh and take a slow drink from the cold one in your hand.

A smile hides in your eyes, and you whisper to yourself, “Tomorrow we hunt again......"

Perform a Reality Check: Can I Afford a Safari to Africa?
Africa awakens a hunger in the hearts and minds of many a spirited hunter across the globe.

Sadly, for most, the adventure and experience of a true African Safari is something that stays locked away in an old cupboard, filled with the dust of untouched dreams.

There are quite a number of reasons for this but the biggest hindering factor is the misconception that it costs a lot of money to go on an African Safari.

Other hunters get their priorities all wrong......

Here's a real opportunity to go on an African Safari that you can afford!

My name is Andrew McLaren. I think it’s time to shatter your misconception about safari affordability and help you to make your dream a reality. I offer my services and to share my efficient planning expertise to enable you to visit this magnificent place in an affordable, ethical and memorable way.

Africa is calling! Are you ready to answer and take the journey?
There are many Hunting Outfitters who are all eager to arrange your safari to Africa. Why should you consider trusting Andrew McLaren Safaris to make your dream come true?

What can you expect from Andrew McLaren Safaris?

All of the following, and more:

1. Excellent value for money

2. Ethical hunting for good trophies

3. A fair deal, honesty and all the planning help you may require to make your South African Safari an "Experience of a Lifetime!".

With careful planning and concentrating on the essentials, AMS now offers truly affordable, quality and ETHICAL safari hunting in South Africa.

Plains Game with Bow, Muzzleloader or Centerfire Rifles, AMS offers standard packages or will work with you, providing a customized safari. Either way, with AMS, you'll have an adventure of a lifetime.

It's been said that once you've been to Africa, you must return. Shouldn't you find out by your own experience if this is true? Shouldn' you really?

Yes! You owe it to yourself to go there and find out!

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